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Testimonial August 2009

Dear Barbara,
Can you please give our thanks to everyone at Glenfield who has helped care for my mother. I cannot begin to thank everyone enough for the kindness and care given to her during her stay with you, which will have been nearly ten years, I guess! It was a great comfort to me during those long years to know that mum was in your safe hands.

So many carers were very kind and affectionate to mum, giving her hugs and individual attention. I am glad she lived with you at Glenfield. Because I don't know the names of all her carers I won't list anyone, only to repeat my sincere thanks to you all. Also, thanks for the kindness shown to me and my family during the last couple of weeks or so.
Yours in gratitude.

'Glenfield' is truly an oasis in the torment of finding care and a home for our loved ones.